Overview of Linux commands and tools

Linux Summary - http://LinuxMeister.net - Linux consists of two things: FILES and PROCESSES

Linux Overview: Linux Overview PowerPoint from 2004
5 commands: man, ls, cd, pwd, more
Distributions: DistroWatch.com (250+ options!)
manual (RTM): man - help pages, command options
SuSE OpenSuSE.org (SuSE)
list files: ls
Debian/Ubuntu LinuxMint.com (Debian/Ubuntu)

ls -al
Centos/RedHat CentOS.org (RedHat supported)

ls -Al
Browser Firefox - Mozilla (Netscape)

ls [-aAlRst...]
Email Thunderbird
change directory: cd
Office Suite OpenOffice.org
cd [path]
Office Suite LibreOffice.org
present directory: pwd
Image Editing darktable.org (lightroom)
in Linux, less is... more

Linux consists of: FILES and PROCESSES
Shells: sh, bash, ksh history / script
special characters: & ; | * ? ' " ` [ ] ( ) $ < > { } ^ # / \ % ! ~ -
user config: .bashrc
process control ps / kill / nice / jobs / bg / fg
shell functions export / env / echo
stdin, stdout, stderr redirects: < > pipe: | comment: #
shell aliases: ll="ls -al"

vi Editor: (summary) vi <filename>
File Management: chown / chmod
hidden cursor keys: h,j,k,l

cp (-rp)
move left h

move down j

move up k

more right l

rm (-rf)
command mode <esc> <command>

edit/text mode i, I, a, A, o, O…<start typing>

cmd: beginning of line 0

cmd: end of line $

cmd: delete x, dd (line), D or d$ (to end of line)
File systems: du / df / tree
to save: <esc> :w

fdisk [-l] / gparted
to save as new file: <esc> :w <filename>

to exit w/out saving: <esc> :q!
physical volume (LVM) pvcreate
to save and exit: <esc> :wq
volume group (LVM) vgcreate
to exit forcing save: <esc> :wq!
logical volume (LVM) lvcreate

Regular Expressions awk / grep / sed

pv/vg/lv -display
tools and filters: head / tail

mount / umount

find / tee / nl / xargs / perl

tee [-a] / echo
Network: ifconfig [-a] / netstat

tr / col -b / expand

route / ip / nslookup

sort / uniq / fmt

ping / traceroute

cut / paste / join / split

hostname / uname

diff / cmp
Pkg Management: rpm / dpkg / apt-get

wc [-l]

tar / cpio / zip / dump

RH:yum, SuSE:zypper yum / zypper
SSH authorized_keys
Sys Admin adduser / deluser


dmesg / cron

scp (-rp)

sudo / yast

ssh [-l <user>] hostname (ip)

w / last /who / uptime


top / vmstate / iostate

Simply Linux: Basics  Full Size Jeep Buyer's Guide Using BASH on Windows 10
Practical Suggestions for Microsoft Windows
Linux Tackles Microsoft
12 hour Video Course by john:
The Art of Linux System Administration
published by O'Reilly Media
Study Guide for the LPIC-2 Certification Exams
search for:
on the internet, or:
BibleTech.net- Bible overview

overview of mankind's history
Biblical history:
"Promises and Prophets"



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One Page Overview of Linux Commands

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An Intro to Linux
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